Time to Simplify! 5 Ways to Lower Anxiety

This past Sunday, my family and I went to church for our Regional Conference, and one of the talks given was full of encouraged advice on how to simplify our lives. Our Heavenly Father doesn’t want our lives to be complicated, but unfortunately, we make it that way. We tend to overwork ourselves physically, emotionally…and every other way we can think of – and it causes our anxiety levels to skyrocket. This leads to more problems, which ultimately makes our already-high levels of stress to overflow. This. Just. Doesn’t. Work. Period.

While the talk was being given, my husband and I kept looking at each other, as if we were reading each other’s minds – knowing we needed to hear what was being said and reiterated. He owns his own software development company, and as the CEO, his job is to take care of everything…..

sorry…I mean…EVERYTHING!!!

Yes, he definitely has some great business partners on his side, willing to take away some of the burdens – but he’s the head honcho. If he isn’t spending time with his family, he’s working. All the time, he’s working. And I understand that, and as his wife, I’m on his side, supporting him. Yes, it’s hard with him not being around much, but it comes with the territory and he’s working 60-70 hours a week to not only provide for his family, but his employees and their families. Because they matter too!

And with that, I hold down the household while being a WAHM with Coupon Friendly. Sometimes…well, lately, most of the time, I’ve had to push my blog aside to take care of my 1st and best job – being a momma. Having 5 kids is no walk in the park.

I commend ALL moms out there, whether you have one or seven children. You’re amazing. Don’t forget that.

Without the help of my husband with the kids, I have to do double-duty. It can be overwhelming…and when I recognize it, it’s almost too late. I become aggravated at our kids, and yell. Often, I stop myself and apologize to the kids and let them know what’s going on, so in turn, they recognize it.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 11.43.21 PM

Our routines have gone out the window several times because of these anxiety issues, and after that talk, I’ve realized that I can’t let that happen. I’m a much happier, more grounded parent when I simplify my life. I’ve gone to accepting that I can only work part time on my Coupon Friendly blog. My kids (especially the baby) really need me right now, and frankly, I need them!

So I’m sure many of you have felt the way that I have at least once in your life time, so here are a few tips on ways to simplify your life:

1.) De-clutter and organize. As much as I love my kids bringing home their school papers and drawings from art class, I’ve found myself overloaded with worksheets piled up on my kitchen table, entertainment center and bookshelf. My kids and I compromised and picked out a few each that they favorited, and I laminated them, putting them into a scrapbook – and threw away the rest! Organization is key!

2.) I made this video on 4 ways to simplify your life as a mom! Check it out!

3.) Accept that certain things will NOT get done that day.¬†I cannot multi-task worth a darn. I’ve learned to understand that I just need to focus on one thing. If you can, grab a notebook and write down at least 3 things for you to get done every day, so you won’t get so overwhelmed. Do not overwork yourself….instead, make TIME for yourself. Take care of you!

4.) Scriptures and Prayers! If you’re religious, like me, then take time out of your day to read your scriptures and say your prayers, even if it’s just one verse. Being reminded¬†that I have a purpose here on this earth gives me that extra ‘umph’ I need to take on the days’ challenges. Remember, our Heavenly Father wants us to be happy!

5.) Get your kids involved in the house chores. Don’t us moms normally spend the majority of the day CLEANING?! I know I do – or at least I feel like I am! My two oldest kids have 3 small set chores that they do every day after school, and even sometimes makes dinner for the whole family. It’s okay…and encouraged…to ask for help!

I’d love to hear ways that have helped lower your anxiety and stress levels. If I missed any, please comment below with them.