Our Family Just Got a Bit Bigger

So I know it’s been quite a while since my last post. My mission is to continue with this blog and create as many memories on here as possible so that all of our kids can go back to read them. Josh seems to not have the best memory, so maybe this could be for him as well (tee hee hee)!

This past April, we received word that Cheyanne and her sisters were put in foster care because of a terrible situation with her mother and step-dad. Josh and I, for a couple months fought tooth and nail to get her into our custody, and in June, our wish came true. She’s been adjusting quite nicely, and has started school with us – which was one thing I really wanted for her, and us.

Too often we find her missing her sisters, Dakota and Naveah, but little to nothing from her about her mom or step-dad. So now I have to…..no…there is no “HAVE TO”, but a complete desire to step up and be the mom that she needs and deserves. I love her very much!

Our family has grown from 7 to 8!


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