Things I want to Remember About my Kids

I love being a mom. I remember when I was 10 years old, sitting in my room and wondering what my children were going to look like, how many I have, and if I’d be a good mom to them. I seemed to have followed my own mother’s footsteps with the number of kids – FIVE. Some of my friends and family thought I was crazy for having so many, and I may have been, but I am grateful for the crazy life I possess.

Though I have quite a few papers written about my kids and what they’re like, I’ve taken this post on my personal blog to write a little more about them.


Noah: Age 8

How I love this boy of mine. He’s such a class clown – always wanting to make people laugh.

Loves: Video Games – Minecraft, Hot Dogs and Macaroni and Cheese, play football, Harry Potter, Tornadoes

Dislikes: Crab, soccer, music class at school



Sophia: Age 3

Our little Sophia is always quick to see if you’re okay if you’re sad – such a comforter. Her high-pitched squeals often get her into trouble, but her hugs instantly calm the waters.

Loves: Jelly Sandwiches, Octonauts, Little Einsteins,



Katherine: Age 9 months

Loves: Being held by mommy or daddy, pinching, baby snacks

Dislikes: Being put down, cold formula



Hayden: Age 9

Loves: Ramen noodles, cooking ramen noodles, Mom’s hot chocolate, Minecraft,

Dislikes: Chili, cheese on sandwiches, when Ella cries, music class at school,



Benjamin: Age 5

Loves: Nutella Sandwiches, Video Games – Super Smash Bros.


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