Breakdowns, Bullies and Babies – Moms, Keep Those Heads Held High

This past month has felt overwhelming, with my husbands minor surgery, the kids starting school, and finding out my (almost) 5 year old will also be having minor surgery….along with so many other issues being handed to me one-by-one, like a deck of playing cards. No matter how strategically my attempts were to score the royal flush, I was always falling short of the perfect hand. On top of that, my oldest daughter, who is in the 4th grade, was being bullied by a couple of girls at school, calling her a “fatty” on multiple occasions. All this has led me to tears, in anger and fear. With no motivation to do my job, due to the events, I’ve turned to my husband and a few close friends to vent to about my problems.

But you know, you truly don’t realize how minuscule your problems are, until something unexpected happens to someone close to you.


When I had heard from my brother-in-law and his wife that they were expecting their second child, I knew how ecstatic they were. They had been trying for another baby for quite a while, so the positive pregnancy test sent them to the moon and beyond. But it was short-lived around 11 weeks after finding out their baby had stopped growing after 6 weeks gestation. I don’t need to explain how devastated they were at the news, or how the struggle is more than likely still lingering. I personally cannot fathom the idea of a miscarriage, but that day, I cried for them.

A few days after the situation occurred, I was able to sit down and talk to my sister-in-law about it, expressing to her how strong she was for pulling through this. We all go through issues every day, some worse than others, but we see her strength through the storm and are appreciative of it, reminding ourselves that things will be okay. It gave me the boost I needed to help my daughter with her problem at school, the surgeries, and prompted me to remember my blessings, instead of focusing on the bad.

I once heard that complaining actually releases stress, resulting in a happier frame of mind. While I understand the idea, I think it would be in my better interest to figure out how often, and the heightened emotional state I’m in at the time when the “venting” occurs. Because let’s face it, people…life happens. Mistakes are made. People make us angry. Things don’t always go our way. We are going to have times where we want to just let it out, instead of bottling it up. I’ve made the mistake of doing just that, and I caused myself to have anxiety attacks, which are in no way pleasant to deal with. With that said, I’ve grown to trust that life will go on. I must go on, not only for myself, but my husband and my children. And this is because of the strength of my fellow moms through hardships. I see their examples through their actions, their tears, their smiles. They inspire me to be a better person, and to make better choices.

So, to all of you moms out there who go through trials that I may not ever understand, please keep those heads up high. Please know other moms are watching how you react, and we want you to strive and thrive to the fullest. We are some your biggest supporters! Through the heartache and tears, we want to know that there is hope in this world to overcome obstacles that are out of our control. Your influence is our fortitude, and we cannot express enough our deepest thanks for it.



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